First 2020 Parkrun!

It’s weirdly warm for January, albeit terribly windy. So today I gathered myself and headed to the park for my first parkrun in 2020.

This year I’ve been toying with the idea of half marathon. I feel like I need a challenge. For a few years I have been doing swimathon, as the name suggests, a swimming marathon event. I’ve done the longest distance in swimathon (5k) so I feel that part is now ‘conquered’. I did 10k too in Manchester in 2018. Last year I didn’t do anything, but I watched my friends running marathons in Munich and I was inspired. I live in a pretty idillyc location for training, surrounded by beautiful hills, 5 mins from a park, a canal behind my office with running paths, and surrounded by running freaks in office who run 10k in their lunch breaks. Can’t think of more ideal situation to take up running. Then I stumbled on sparkasse marathon in Germany, running beside a gorgeous lake in a flat terrain across 3 countries. And it’s in autumn so I can train in spring and summer. It ticks all my boxes for a marathon. I am inclined to think that marathon is a stretch, and I should probably do a half marathon first for this time. Anyhow it all seems to fall together nicely.

So here I am, first 2020 parkrun. Parkrun is not a foreign idea for me, I’ve run a few of them in Manchester and in Huddersfield.

It started pretty well, I ran at steady pace and didn’t stop too often. Though running through crazy wind wasn’t easy. I had to stop about 3x during the entire run. The park is not the flattest in the world, we had some inclines and descends throughout. Obviously loving the descends and hating the inclines, I had to stop and walk on the hills since I can feel my calf tightening up more than I prefer.

I finished with general happy post running thoughts, satisfaction that I finished the run, and much trepidation of what is going to happen in October if I decided to run a half marathon, let alone a marathon. Surely I have lots of training needed, but at this point, also enough time to train (I hope)

Parkrun calculation just came up. 34 mins 18 seconds. Not too terrible, but I’ve definitely done better. Much training needed if I’m going to be running 21 km this autumn, but I’m optimistic it will be fine.


Hello all, I’m back.

It’s been a while since the last time I updated my blog. Just like other things in life, it was a culmination of so many factors. I was for sure tired and busy most of the time with a full time job and 2, let’s say, organisations to take care, combined with travel, moving house and a new job. But I don’t think that’s it. I think there’s more to that.

It was all about expectation.

I had high expectations about this blog. I had a target to publish weekly posts. It started with a good intentions, but unrealistic with my current schedule. I had an abstract idea about what perfection looks like, and each time I write, I ended up not publishing it because I don’t think it’s good enough. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was. We all need to start somewhere. I should have just published the post.

And then there’s the technicality of me changing host without backing up the content of my blog, so I lost it all. I had a twinge about it when I found out, and at this point I’ve let it go. It’s time to start anew. New decade is here.

So I’m going back to the basics. Writing about the things I love. Catching up with loved ones. Sharing my thoughts. Expressing my thoughts and knowledge. Sharing my journey. Those are what I need to achieve through this blog, not a strict weekly writing schedule. I may ended up writing more than that, less than that, but I think I have enough things going on without being burdened more with a target that I can’t achieve in this life.

So here’s to 2020. No blogging resolutions. Just going back to the basics and learning to enjoy the journey and walk one step at a time.