One step at a time

The Hardest Part of My Study Exchange Abroad

I have the impression that people who don’t study abroad think that study abroad is a heaven-like experience. Sure, I do agree to some extent. It was such an amazing experience and I would do everything all over again in a heartbeat. But little did they know that there is always the other side of […]

Surviving Maryland Homework!

One big difference that I have between Manchester and Maryland is …. the amount of homework. I had 0 homework in my time in Manchester but I had about 25 of them in Maryland. It could make a huge proportion of the final grade, so i think it is important to know how to deal […]

A Complete Guide to Office Hours

This is one of my questions when I came to university. It’s obviously a new term to any new university students and I couldn’t find lots of information on the internet. So…. yes, I only came to 1 office hours during my first 2 years at the university. But the whole situation changed when I […]

So…. Do You Prefer Maryland or Manchester?

My friends have been asking the same questions since I came back from Maryland – well, even when I was still in Maryland actually. To be honest with you, it is quite difficult and not as straightforward as you think. It’s a very general answer, which I believe you can appreciate. In terms of education, […]

(Do Not) Bring Me in Your Hand Luggages!

Airports generally have lists of stuffs that you should/should not bring in your hand or checked luggage, which you can google very easily. This list is the addition to them, I just put the stuffs that are not explained anywhere else but has helped me tremendously. Bring Me! Phone chargers: a lot of airplanes now have charging […]

Student Cooking Guide

A self catered accommodation student will always know the biggest problem after lecture : hunger and still have to cook! Sometimes eating out can solve the problem, but not really in long term because it is expensive which is not suitable for majority of students that have limited money. The healthiest and cheapest way is […]

Complete Guide to Flying for the First Time

Well, as a girl studying abroad, I have to use airplane to transport me from my hometown to the place I’m studying – Manchester. I know this seems to be confusing for the first time, but believe me, once you get it, you’ll always get it. And there will be always the first time for […]

So You Don’t Think You Can Survive University

Specifically for first years, but hey any student might benefit from this. Hello, there. This time around, you will all be stressing out about exams. Yeah, I have those too. It is terrible and it looks impossible right now, right? You feel like you don’t know what you are doing, you are so scared you wont pass. […]