One step at a time

Week 6: Halfway Update!

I couldn’t believe I’ve done 6 weeks of work already (at that time, now 7 weeks (!!!!)). It went so fast and I have barely scrapped the surface. How I felt about it It was surreal and I had mixed feelings. It’s sad because I love the place so much, especially the people. This is […]


Week 2 Internship – New but Not So New

What did I do On the second week I had a better ground in my job. I started receiving little tasks like writing work requests, sending despatch request, preparing a test request etc. My manager told me about the big project that they are going to assign me to do. He also gave me my […]

working ilfe

Life as a New Intern – Week 1

I’ve just started the life of a new intern 2 weeks ago. I started an internship in Huddersfield as an engineering placement. So yea, to commuting and adult life XD Before I start I was nervous about a lot of things. For example, I know the job involves a lot of mechanical engineering even though […]

Pantai Serdang, Manggar, Belitung

Manggar, Belitung – Bookworms’ Favourite Town

On our final day in Belitung we continued our plan to Manggar city, leaving Tanjung Pandan. There were 2 important places in the tiny city of Manggar, which is situated in East Belitung. So pay attention on where the two places are! I would indicate on the post where the important places are We had noodle as […]

Pulau Kepayang, Belitung, Indonesia

Belitung – Island Hopping!

Second day of Belitung Trip back home in Indonesia! Read about the first day here. Island hopping here we come! I was soooo excited about it!!!! Honestly, that’s the best part of Belitung I should say. We were praying that the weather would be awesome and it was!! The sky was blue with strong sunshine […]

Belitung – The Land of Beautiful Beaches

In summer 2015, I got to see the most beautiful beach ever in my life. It’s in Belitung Island (Pulau Belitung), a small island in between Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan island. We went there for 3 days and 3 nights, since the last day we just went to airport early morning to go back to our […]

A Week in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student

So at this point don’t forget to check my previous articles on what chemical engineering is all about, what modules you are going to study if you choose to study chemical engineering at university and how difficult is it. Another concern I want to address is time management. One main difference between school and university is […]