Week 12 Internship – Last Week!

I belong to a type of human being that gets extremely attached to people very quickly, which is not ideal in the scenario of internship where the job ends after 3 months. And unfortunately for me, I grew attached to that place starting from the second week I was there. I mean, if you are […]

What Does Train Commuting Look Like

(picture: one snapshot I took on a fine morning on my way to work) When I started my internship, I chose to commute by train straight away. I have a house contract in Manchester and Huddersfield is 30 minutes away by train (not as far as what most of you think!). I wanted to avoid […]

Week 6: Halfway Update!

I couldn’t believe I’ve done 6 weeks of work already (at that time, now 7 weeks (!!!!)). It went so fast and I have barely scrapped the surface. How I felt about it It was surreal and I had mixed feelings. It’s sad because I love the place so much, especially the people. This is […]


Week 2 Internship – New but Not So New

What did I do On the second week I had a better ground in my job. I started receiving little tasks like writing work requests, sending despatch request, preparing a test request etc. My manager told me about the big project that they are going to assign me to do. He also gave me my […]

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Life as a New Intern – Week 1

I’ve just started the life of a new intern 2 weeks ago. I started an internship in Huddersfield as an engineering placement. So yea, to commuting and adult life XD Before I start I was nervous about a lot of things. For example, I know the job involves a lot of mechanical engineering even though […]