What Courses Do Chemical Engineering Students Take

Design Project: Getting Some Motivation to Get Work Done

Honestly, besides the planning side of things, motivation was a major challenge especially towards the end of the design project. If I can use running as a metaphor, normal modules would be a 10K and design project was like a full marathon with one break. Which, was demanding both mentally and physically. It was easy […]

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Design Project: Proposing a Topic

I completed my design project half a year ago, so I thought I’d be a lovely senior and share my experience alongside some tips on it. I remember searching the internet for some blog or advice on completing a design project and came back empty-handed. So maybe I shall start one. By the way, you should […]

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4th Year: The Struggle of Explaining What I Actually Do

So, the short answer, I am a 4th year MEng Chemical Engineering with Business Management student. But surely, if I’m bothered to make it a blog post, it is much more complicated than that one simple sentence. And yes, it is. I think I need to first explain how this fact messed up with everyone’s […]

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Should I take A level or Foundation Year?

If you are planning to study in the UK, be sure to read my article how to study in UK university as an international student. So if you are reading this article you might want to study at a university level in the UK. Good point! But do you have the qualification that universities in […]

A Week in the Life of Chemical Engineering Student

So at this point don’t forget to check my previous articles on what chemical engineering is all about, what modules you are going to study if you choose to study chemical engineering at university and how difficult is it. Another concern I want to address is time management. One main difference between school and university is […]

What is chemical engineering all about

What is chemical engineering all about

It’s May. It’s the time when some students start to think on which course they should study after school. Others might have obtained their university offers and need to decide on which course they are going to choose. It can be hard, I completely understand. I once was in that position. How are you supposed to […]