Pantai Serdang, Manggar, Belitung

Manggar, Belitung – Bookworms’ Favourite Town

On our final day in Belitung we continued our plan to Manggar city, leaving Tanjung Pandan. There were 2 important places in the tiny city of Manggar, which is situated in East Belitung. So pay attention on where the two places are! I would indicate on the post where the important places are We had noodle as […]

Pulau Kepayang, Belitung, Indonesia

Belitung – Island Hopping!

Second day of Belitung Trip back home in Indonesia! Read about the first day here. Island hopping here we come! I was soooo excited about it!!!! Honestly, that’s the best part of Belitung I should say. We were praying that the weather would be awesome and it was!! The sky was blue with strong sunshine […]

Belitung – The Land of Beautiful Beaches

In summer 2015, I got to see the most beautiful beach ever in my life. It’s in Belitung Island (Pulau Belitung), a small island in between Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan island. We went there for 3 days and 3 nights, since the last day we just went to airport early morning to go back to our […]

The UK is richer than Nigeria – but not happier

I have lived in both countries. I live in the UK for 4 years and counting, I lived in Nigeria for only 1.5 years but since my parents still live there, sometimes I still go to Nigeria on summer breaks. I’ve even worked in Nigeria before. I probably don’t need to tell you how different […]

(Do Not) Bring Me in Your Hand Luggages!

Airports generally have lists of stuffs that you should/should not bring in your hand or checked luggage, which you can google very easily. This list is the addition to them, I just put the stuffs that are not explained anywhere else but has helped me tremendously. Bring Me! Phone chargers: a lot of airplanes now have charging […]

Complete Guide to Flying for the First Time

Well, as a girl studying abroad, I have to use airplane to transport me from my hometown to the place I’m studying – Manchester. I know this seems to be confusing for the first time, but believe me, once you get it, you’ll always get it. And there will be always the first time for […]