The Hardest Part of My Study Exchange Abroad

I have the impression that people who don’t study abroad think that study abroad is a heaven-like experience. Sure, I do agree to some extent. It was such an amazing experience and I would do everything all over again in a heartbeat. But little did they know that there is always the other side of […]

Surviving Maryland Homework!

One big difference that I have between Manchester and Maryland is …. the amount of homework. I had 0 homework in my time in Manchester but I had about 25 of them in Maryland. It could make a huge proportion of the final grade, so i think it is important to know how to deal […]

So…. Do You Prefer Maryland or Manchester?

My friends have been asking the same questions since I came back from Maryland – well, even when I was still in Maryland actually. To be honest with you, it is quite difficult and not as straightforward as you think. It’s a very general answer, which I believe you can appreciate. In terms of education, […]

Comparison: UK vs US education system

I have passed halfway mark in my time in the US, so now I feel qualified to compare UK and US education system. First of all, I need to emphasise that I am sharing my experience. I have studied in both country, but I have studied in one university from both country, not all universities […]

Specific Tips: UMD Cycling!

You probably wont find this anywhere else, but here you go! Black mark = flat road I would say there are relatively flat compared to anything else. However, Baltiimore Avenue is a main road and there are so many cars including trucks and buses. Be careful when you cycle, don’t cycle too far to the right […]