A Complete Guide to Office Hours

This is one of my questions when I came to university. It’s obviously a new term to any new university students and I couldn’t find lots of information on the internet. So…. yes, I only came to 1 office hours during my first 2 years at the university. But the whole situation changed when I […]

Student Cooking Guide

A self catered accommodation student will always know the biggest problem after lecture : hunger and still have to cook! Sometimes eating out can solve the problem, but not really in long term because it is expensive which is not suitable for majority of students that have limited money. The healthiest and cheapest way is […]

So You Don’t Think You Can Survive University

Specifically for first years, but hey¬†any student¬†might benefit from this. Hello, there. This time around, you will all be stressing out about exams. Yeah, I have those too. It is terrible and it looks impossible right now, right? You feel like you don’t know what you are doing, you are so scared you wont pass. […]

Comparison: UK vs US education system

I have passed halfway mark in my time in the US, so now I feel qualified to compare UK and US education system. First of all, I need to emphasise that I am sharing my experience. I have studied in both country, but I have studied in one university from both country, not all universities […]