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Fresh Air, Beautiful Flowers, Green Plants in Manchester – Anyone?

*This is not a sponsored post – I write about this because I truly love this place!*

Did my featured image attract your attention? Now look at these beautiful festive flowers:


And this beautiful tiny red leaf:


I know. You want to see them too, right? For those of you in Manchester, today is your lucky day. I took all this picture in Hulme Community Garden Centre in Hulme, which is just behind MMU Birley Campus, very close to Asda. You also can go there, too! It’s free admission 🙂

Who is HCGC?

Hulme Community Garden Centre, as the name suggests, is a community garden. It’s a piece of garden which is run by the community. You can also get more information, including their opening times, who they are, events and address from their website .

What can I do there?

What do you do in the middle of beautiful plants and flowers? Of course, you go around, sniff them, get some fresh air, see around and relax. They don’t charge any admission fee. They cover the cost from a number of ways, including plant sales, donation and room hire. I’ve got my beautiful lavender plants and a few houseplants from them at a very reasonable price, sometimes cheaper than a cup of coffee. They also sell various gardening tools, if you would like to get some. They are non-profit organisation – all profits are invested back into the organisation. Oh and I must not forget – my lovely friend Janine runs a cafe there, and she makes one of the best brownies in the world 😉

I would love to garden but I don’t have time/place to do it!

This is the perfect place for you! They are run by various volunteers so you can sign up and run their garden. Imagine spending your weekends being around plants, flowers and fresh air 😉 You don’t have to come every week or that type of commitment – it’s really up to you when do you want to volunteer and how often.

I would love to garden, but I don’t have the skills to 🙁

Don’t worry! They will teach you very patiently. I mean, I came with zero knowledge of gardening, not being able to identify lavender or rosemary, don’t know how to prune or water plants properly, cannot distinguish plant from weed, no experience of sowing seeds and don’t know the name of any gardening supply. They passed no judgement on me and they taught me how to do everything properly from the very basic. The only thing I need to do is to say, “I don’t know how to do this”. Now I am able to grow a lot of herbs at home which gives generous supplies of cooking herbs, tea and fresh air every day! So yes, even if you never garden for the whole of your life, it’s okay, just come and let them know you want to volunteer and learn about gardening, they’d be more than happy to patiently teach you.

I don’t like gardening, but I like to be around plants!

That’s okay too, you can just grab a coffee from Janine’s cafe and have a wander around! They also have many events (follow their facebook page ) where you can meet people from the community and do fun things, so don’t worry about it. They also have various events throughout the week like for sessions for toddlers, homeschooled children, etc. Check their website and facebook page to find out!

Why I like them so much

First of all, I love being around plants and being outdoor in summer. I mean, in sun-deprived Manchester, who won’t love the opportunity to go outside on a warm sunny day? I also like being around plants, after all, it improves your mental and physical health. People are very friendly and patient (even to someone like me who never used a rake before) and the place is obviously beyond beautiful.

Honestly, you don’t know what you are missing until you go there and visit them! Hope to see you there 🙂


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